Historic Love Field Photos

Throughout its one hundred years, Love Field has recorded one of the richest histories of any airport on the globe. It began as an Army pilot training field in World War I, became a major airline hub during aviation’s Golden Age,  served as one of the Army Air Force’s largest stateside bases during World War II, and ushered in the era of commercial jet travel in North Texas. Love Field has become a Dallas icon, and has driven expansion and growth in the Metroplex for a century.
At one time the tenth busiest airport in the world, Love Field has faced its share of challenges. With the opening of DFW Airport, the future of Love Field was uncertain, but like the enduring spirit of the city it serves, Love Field evolved. Providing a home for innovators like Southwest Airlines and Virigin America, put Love Field back on the fast track.
A vast and comprehensive modernization program, and a dramatic rise is passenger traffic has Love Field well positioned for the next 100 years, but its pheonomenal journey through aviation history has generated many amazing stories.